Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just shoot me now

Gas prices KEEP GOING UP!
Ok the station I stopped at was the cheapest I could find $3.19 a gallon.
But in my frazzled pissed of state at how expensive gas is…
I pushed the wrong button and filled my car to the tune of almost $40 with premium.
Oh and we still do not have cable. The satellite guys came out after waiting over a month just to say "Oh we can not install it here your unit does not face the right way.


astrocoz said...

The price of gas is absurd! Price Gouging Much?

I got gas for 3.03 a gallon...cause I used to find the cheapest in my area.

Anne said...

I just realized that I havent pumped gas in I asked AJ. Its that much here to. Thats freakin ridiculous. Nice of you to give your car such a nice present though.

Battlerocker said...

I’m working on a way to run my car on feelings of outrage. Thus far I have been less than successful. But I’ve got plenty of pissed-off lying around if anyone is in need.

that girl said...

nooooo tv?


Alexia said...

I filled up last night for $3.17 a gallon. I feel your pain . . .

Still no cable, are you getting tons of things done still or are you finding other ways to entertain yourself?

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