Saturday, April 29, 2006

Such a slacker

I tell you what.
Getting up at 5:15am on a Saturday sucks ASS!!
But its overtime right.
And now I have to sit here because our system crashed and get caught up on all my blog reading.
Ha ha I knew I would make this work for me. LOL
I am such a slacker when I want to be, sitting at work in my Capri's, runners, no makeup and pony tail. Its pretty freaking awesome.

My movie review on SILENT HILL:
It was gory.
Some of it did not make sense to me and some of it was pretty silly (things I did not understand) but I think seeing it a second time will make me understand.
I had the impression it was going to be a Horror flick. It was not. It was scary in some parts but some of it was hard to understand and sort of dumb in other parts.
Hum the overview.
I was a little disappointed I wish it would have been a strait horror film. It would have been great if it was!
But I liked it. It was worth seeing in the theater.

I am really looking forward to The DIVINCI code, I am in the middle of the book right now and it’s hard to put down I saw the previews for the first time last night and it LOOKS AMAZING!


T-girl said...

Hum! I have been up in the air to see this! Maybe I should wait for vid on it! LOL

DC- I SO can not wait to see this! I have the book in my TBR pile, I need to get on it! LOL I hear it is excellent, it sounds so interesting I just never seem to be in the "mood" for something deep! LOL

Anne said...

I am soooo excited about the Da Vinci Code! I have never read the book..I always kinda thought it was a smart girl kinda book and my taste tends to be more trashy. Im not sure if I want to read it before the movie or after.

Glad your date night went okay..sorry that you had to work!

KB said...

I was really disappointed in Silent Hill. I blew $46 bucks what with paying to get in and the popcorn shit. I was really rather pissed. I hate when I spend money on a bad movie.

Now have you seen The Hills Have Eyes? That one I think I want to see.

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