Friday, April 07, 2006

EEWW germs

I think I am a closet germa phob. Serious. I have Antibacterial Gel, Cream and wipes on my desk. I wash my hand almost whenever I walk past a sink.

Ha ha.
I am hopeless.
Oh and then I read this article in a magazine over lunch and it was about molds and how they effect people. It was a very disturbing article and really detailed. To sum it up its says most people find out they have mold in there houses by getting sick first. They have un unexplained allergies (check) they sneeze (check) the have breathing problems (check).
You want to here something gross?
In our bathroom this morning (we have serious mold problem since we moved in 3 years ago) I mentioned to the hubby that there are what looks like fruit flies coming out of the mold.
Ok we move in 10 days. But still gross. We mentioned it to building management and they keep "patching" it up.

Oh and I was having a conflict with updating at work.
I thought Hum?

Should I?

I mean would that be irresponsible?


T-girl said...

EWWWWWWWW! YECK! The mold has come alive and is reproducing FLYING things!!!! GROSS! Bleach! I am all about bleach, kills everything! LOL

astrocoz said...

I was getting sick all the time and I couldn't figure it out. Then one day, we decided to move the furniture around (cause I shared a room with my mom) and we found all this mold on the wall behind my bed...some even got on my mattress! As soon as we took care of that little problem...along with using anti-allergen stuff on my bed and pillow cases for bed mites, the allergies and sickness magically disapeared!

Anne said...

Okay at some point I am going to have to stop pointing out how we are the same exact person...BUT..I went to B and Body works YESTERDAY and bought refills of my Sweet Pea antibacterial lotion, antibacterial hand gel and the antibacterial wipes because I am so freaked out by the people at my work that dont wash their hands when they go to the bathroom. Im so bugged that I think this will be a post on my blog real soon...hmmm..

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