Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fun times

My talents are put to great use.
I spent 3 hours of my day yesterday sharpening pencils.
Are you serious?
Fine with me if you want to pay me to do this.
Oh and I find out at the end of the day yesterday that I have to work this weekend too.
Hummm What fun.
And really is it necessary to under mind that I actually have a brain and its really not ok for you to check 5 times if I understand something.
If I say yes.
I get it. DO NOT ask me 15 times.


Anne said...

What? They need a surplus of sharp pencils for Monday? Weekend work sucks. Hope you get OT for it.

that girl said...

you have to work on the weekends! my company tried to pull that. I had to pull out the old I volunteer for *insert any cause here*. I've already promised all my weekends.

tee hee.

so hey, can I get one of those pencils? you can auction them off on ebay. you know some git would buy one!! ahhahahaa

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