Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Killer Panty hose Part 2

Ok outfit picked out NEED panty hose
I was glad to see I was not the only exasperated lady perusing panty hose isle at the local Wal-Mart @ 7:30 am dressed to kill with no panty hose…

Ok so squished into another pair. but I am smart and think I am being so sly this time this time and decide that I should get a size too big, thus would ensue less of a struggle and VOILA a little struggle still followed the panty hose rules about rolling down to the toe then "jumping in"

(in the car I know crazy) they are on.
No problem.
I get to work, get out of my car then..pluep.. The top rolls down and I am trying to frantically walk like they are not about to drop to my feet (keeping in mind to look as classy as I can with a skirt on).

The knees are sagging like I am 80 and now the feet have little elephant rolls on them.

Damn you panty hose!!

Panty Hose 2 me 0

I have come to a conclusion that a) panty hose and me are NOT friends and I will NEVER like them. b) the were invented by a man!



So I run to the bathroom before lunch, and when I say run someone was picking up lunch so I was trying to be quick so I would not need to eat alone.

I pee quick and head to the lunch room.
"Hum whats that draft coming from?"

Panyhose 3 me 0


doc slm said...

I HATE panty hose. I have NEVER EVER found a pair to fit me just right. I have long legs and usually what happens is the old "the crotch of the panty hose is hangin' at your knees" problem.

And then! I always manage to get a snag right away. Then I can't leave it alone so I pick at it until it becomes a hole. Then I put some clear polish on it to stop it from running. When I go to take the hose off, they stick to my leg where I put the polish. Then the next time I put them on, the hole turn into a run.

This whole process takes about two days. Then I'm back at the store to start the torture all over again.


Anne said...

Oh Random.....

The paternity test has now been taken and the results are hell yes.

VI said...

THAT is awesome!

YOU are going to be "popular" that THIS job! ;)

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