Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I feel like a shit now...

So strange how things happen.

I have been avoiding blogging about the new job because I went online and now my URL is stuck in the "previous" entries so now I am worried someone may happen upon it and find be talking shit about them. Not that they would really know who I was talking about because I do not use any names on this thing but anyways its made me paranoid.

So no talk about work.

And then I get an email from BIL after I tell him how much I do not really think "girlfriend" is for him.
This is what he sent me.

i think its a lost cause to be honest. i dont see myself ever living there, or her living here. we both have our valid reasons. also, im not gonna be able to fly out there every other month either. cant afford it.

So now I feel like an ass talking shit (although I did refrain from yelling "WEEHOO" at the reciept of his email) Who knows though you never know what the future holds.
What I am hoping though is that "Anne" is going to come out for a visit because lets face it we were seperated at birth and they will fall madley in love and then we will really be sisters.
Ahh I can dream right?
I just really want him to be happy, whoever it is with he's such a nice guy and has a lot to offer.
*sigh* maybe I'll secretley sign him up on some dating sites. No that's bad.
But I even told him its even hard for me to meet people here. I mean I have been here 3 years and I can count on 2 fingers how many people I have been "friends" with. They both turned out crazy but that’s not the point.
I could not even imagine being a guy trying to date out here.


Alexia said...

A guy??? It's so much harder being a girl and trying to date these days. There are such limited amounts of decent guys. Plus, where really is the best place to even meet someone?

Anne said...

Awh...we could be SILs..

I always wanted a sister.

Hmm..and a husband come to think of it.

This could work... You are on to something.. :)

VI said...

uh... delete your history.

KB said...

Where you at again?

Also did you delete the history and cookies from the PC you used to cover your tracks?

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