Thursday, April 27, 2006


13 Things I hate about the gym.

1. People who bring there cell phones with them. Is your life that important that you NEED to have your cell phone right there? I mean come on.

2. Nasty sweaty people who smell.

3. Having to go to the gym, when you get home the couch is calling your big asses name to have a seat and eat something that's bad for you. And you are required to know better and go anyways.

4. Getting revved up about going to the gym and getting there and all your favorite machines are in use.

5. Skinny bitches who wear full face makeup and they have their hair and nails all did and stand there looking all pretty with no intentions on breaking a sweat.

6. Men who grunt loud as they lift probably only 25 pounds.

7. People who hog machine. You know the ones they work out for 5 minutes walk away for some water, wash rinse repeat.

8. PEOPLE WHO DO NOT CLEAN THERE MACHINES! Ew gross! Have a little courtesy you nasty pig.

9. People who walk around doing nothing.

10. Guys who try to pick you up.

11. People who fart big nasty ones and you get a whiff just as you are gasping for breath and can taste what the guy had for dinner. And then he looks around like it was not even him.

12. People who socialize and are in the way.

13. Having to even have to go to the gym EVER, why can I not just be rich and have my own home gym with everything I love!

Now don't get me wrong I actually enjoy the gym these are just my peeves!!!

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that girl said...

that's so smaart....working out with full face makeup. nothing like getting that crap DEEP in your pores. they are in the I'm not dumb, I'm pretty group.

well, the cells are for when the machine they are using incorrectly traps them. they know that NO ONE there is going to untangle their fat farting ass.


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