Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The care package was a hit!!

For more information this post will be about "Anne" from supposedly this is good therapy.
I really amuse myself some times. So I have been reading her blog since she started it.
She's an amazing person and is going through struggles that most of us will never be able to grasp.
Is is possible to have never met anyone and care so much about them? (and not in the creepy stalker way either!)
Anyways I like to put together care packages. I LOVE SURPRISES.
So after lurking around her blog for a bit and emails back and forth I put together a care package for her to make her laugh.

Here is some of the things I included. She goes to a karaokee bar and there are guys with mullets so I included these teeth so she would blend in better.
She had a crush on her doctor so I sent a cute little negligee thing with a note to wear it after her surgery and when the doctor asks she must say "this old thing??". Her dog had bitten this guy she was dating so I made sure to send a first aid kit in case Rickey (her dog) opens a can of woop ass on anyone else
It was a bunch of stuff and it was so fun finding things
She says she loves it so


I guess you would have had to see the whole thing to get it.
Or I am just crazy..
Ha ha I know I am crazy.

Oh and we got to talk on the phone too.

Its so surreal to feel like you have known someone forever and have never met.

I think we were twins in a past life. That or family.


Anne said...

You are just my favorite person! To say I loved it just isnt enough! It was so great to talk to you!

And if anyone wants to see how cool Miss Random is..there is a pic of all my loot on my blog.

Seriously..it was the nicest, most thoughtful gift you can even imagine.

Puffin said...

WOW! What a wonderful person you are. you are absolutely amazing!

Kat said...

I just came from Anne's, that was so awesome of you! I think we all want Anne to smile as much as possible.

Anne said...

Oh yeah...I forgot to ask..

How did you get that picture of me?? :)

Cindy N. said...

It was really cool of you to send this care package to Anne. She was quite excited to get it. I read her blog everyday and through her blog, came to visit yours. I will have to start reading yours to. I can relate to the asses that want to drive in the fast lane and go 50. That's when I wish I had a rocket launcher! Need I say more?

bornfool said...

You are my favorite person, too. (Well, after Anne) for making her so happy, and lifting her up on a bad day. You're the best.

Anonymous said...

Give a guy a break. Did you have to set the bar so high?

Just kidding. Anything that makes Anne happy, makes me happy. You're thoughtful,considerate, and funny, Random. Nicely done.


susan_nz said...

I've also come in via Anne's blog. I was watching to see what the box you kept on commenting about would be, and im soooo pleased Anne has such a great bloggypal like you and that you got so much joy from sending it too! yay you, you rock!!

I've not been online for a bit and just caught up with Anne's blog today, so I am slightly freaked to see Mr T has left a message on your blog ,,, whoo hoo !! im dying to know more about him.

Your blog is really fun, and what u say about Anne is what i feel too, its very strange this whole worldwide whoodyha thingummyjig eh? and i know this sounds wanky, but i wanted to thank u for making my little blog pal (Anne) laugh/smile/try on see thru undies.

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