Sunday, April 09, 2006

I am a clothes hoarder!!

Step one is admitting the problem...**sigh***

Ok I always knew I had a lot of shit. By shit I mean clothes. If a random stranger were to go through my closet they would probably think 6 women lived here.
Well I have clothes in EVERY size.
** note to self, when losing weight to avoid going back to the "big" sizes GET RID OF IT!!**

So this is what I am going to do.

I think I may need therapy about my clothes situation.

However in my defense about 3 weeks ago I did clean out my closet and took 6 garbage bags of stuff to the Good Will. So its a start.

Some how I knew the "white 4 inch Spice Girl shoes" are probably not going to "be in" again in my life time. (so what I had them in white, black, and blue.) I had to let them go

And also I will probably not be attending any RAVES in the near future so the BRIGHT YELLOW and BLUE pants were sent too. (I have the pictures to prove it)
The cow skirt and about 15 other mini skirts that I will never wear again
The "cool" overalls (cause lets face it they do not look good on anyone)
I did part with all the belly shirts because I have come to terms with the fact that I will not be wearing those to the mall to hang out, nor would anyone want to see me in one EVER again.

If I could just stop the urge to buy copious amounts of shoes. (not my shoes but pretty DAMN close)

I guess it is better than being a crack addict! But I guess technically it is my crack habit??
And I will not mention the purse situtation either because anyone addicted to the "crack that we call shoe" habit also has a serious issue in the "need to buy a purse to match all the shoes that are my crack habit"


Anne said...

Im going to need to see a picture of you in the spice girl shoes and the yellow pants...

and I have the shoe addiction..but somehow I have never been into the purse thing. I think its laziness..I carry around so much crap that it makes it a chore to change purses...

coffeygirlb said...

Dude, it's called being a girl!!! Enjoy.

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