Wednesday, April 05, 2006

UGG the drama

So I was sitting at work today and I get called into the VP's office and the HR lady is there.
She asked me to close the door.
Her and the VP explain to me that I must go do "another" physical so they can send it to head office.
So right away I start freak out. By freak out I mean I stand there stunned as hell and then the wheels in my head start turning.
HR lady explains the physical I did was supposed to include an agility test and because they did not send the results of one, they concluded that they must have forgotten.
She explains all employees are required to have one to work there.
So I leave and go to the clinic, the whole time wondering if they are trying to find a reason to get ride of me.
And I forgot to mention that last week I was asked for my high school transcripts because in there back ground investigation I said I had finished grade 12 and they got results back saying I had not. (so this is another reason I think they are trying to fire me) I explained that the system is different in Canada (or at least 10 years ago it was)
So I get to the clinic fill out paper work and they call me in.
Because I circled "Yes" that I had a injury they refused to do the test.
So I call the husband about to ball my eyes out and I am freaking that "Oh MY GOD ITS HAPPENING AGAIN!"
They are not going to keep me because of my injury.
They send me back to work with a note.
I had it to the lady in HR and she just smiles and says "Thanks"
I ask to speak to her, because lets face it I want to know if they are firing me already?
2 hours pass.
I speak to her.

Its no big deal (or so she says) So I am still concerned.
But all I can do is show up everyday and "hope" for the best.
My mom is mailing my transcripts this week.
Fucking Hell


coffeygirlb said...

Dude, what the hell. Can't they just give a chick a break.. What knid of job is it? I'll cross my fingers for you....till we hear back! Yes, I'm that good a friend~

Anne said...

Bastards...I will kick them all in the kneecaps if they fuck with my sister.

Wow..that was agressive huh? Felt kinda nice :)

Hopefully this is all just formality..dont get too worked up just yet..maybe it will all just blow over.


MsPinkSlip said...

"She explains all employees are required to have one to work there."

Speaking as an HR professional, if an agility test does not simulate tasks performed in a position, it is not required. If they give you any shit about it, ask them for a list of the essential functions of the position that show the need for it.

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