Sunday, April 09, 2006

Feeling a little nostalgic

Wow, so moving is interesting. I have been going through old boxes and finding tones of OLD shit. Stuff from when the hubby and I started dating, old CD's which I am playing right now. Songs I have not heard in FOREVER!
It makes me happy really.
Its amazing how far we have come.
It's weird to think of where we once were, I think its funny how music can bring you back so far to a place in your life where it seems your life was just starting??
How a certain song brings tears to my eyes cause you have so many memories of it?
I wish you all could see me now. I am in my element dancing around the (more empty) living room to a CD that all my girls and I would listen to before going to the bar.
One that I used to listen to when I was getting ready to work at the bar (bartender)
One that we all listened to before heading to Atomic?? (and underground club where some bad things were put into our bodies, bad depending on how you look at it)
I found these CD in my 3 disk changer that I have not opened in 3 years.
OMG its been years!
I think I am going to start to plan a reunion tour.

Serious I think it would be so kick ass!

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Anonymous said...

rock on!


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