Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gun Shots are a sure sign you are OFFICIALLY in the GHETTO


Ok so I am in sweet, sweet relaxing sleep when

** oh some back story my husband used to me in the military, the man can sleep standing up and sleeps like a log. No joke I literally have to jump on him and shake him violently to wake him up which I have done on a few occasions when we have had earth quakes and I am shitting myself in a panic and he wakes up pauses for a moment and then falls right back to sleep!***


So I lay as still as I can and make no movement at all as I try to register (I am the lightest sleeper EVER) that I had just heard gunshots out my window, I check the clock and close my eyes to remember how many shots there were in case I was needed in court (shut up this is how my panicked mind works) My heart is going a mile a minute but I am frozen stiff in fear when my husband wakes out of his death sleep and asks

"Are you Ok?"

Keeping in mind I have still not moved not even a inch because I am so panicked

"I JUST HEARD GUNSHOTS!!" in the best whisper I can manage because lets face it I do not want anyone to hear me.


TACK! (my best impression of another gun shot)

"That's not a gun shot babe, is that what you heard?"

"No I heard a gunshots!" (the first round was much louder and had an echo to it, sure I am no gun EXPERT but I am certain it was gun shots!) I am still contemplating calling 911 cause that's what you are supposed to do when you hear gun shots out your window at 2:12am and you apparently live in the GHETTO

Soon I hear a bunch of cars whoshing into the complex I sneak to the window and see 4 police cars "searching" the area.

The police left so I assume it was not gun shots.

We have lived her 3 years and have never had a problem with ANYTHING in the complex, my husbands car has like $2000 worth of stereo equipment in it and has never been touched nor has my piece of shit car.
We have only seen the police here on about 4 occasions in 3 year and most were domestic disputes that we popped popcorn to watch from out on the patio. (does that make me a bad person? Oh the drama)
Our neighbor's place, someone attempted to break into (on the ground level) but the guys an idiot and leaves his blinds open with his 65" flat screen TV just glaring out the curtains with all his components just begging to be stolen. Nothing was ever taken they just "think" the place was "almost" broken into.


Is it possible for 2 souls to be so connected that the husband sensed the panic and woke up to check on me even though I had made no noise at all? And he never heard the shots?

And I still have guilt about not calling the police.
I mean obviously someone did, but what if it was only one person? What if the police were not as thorough as they would have been if they had gotten more calls?
And I know if I was in Canada the last shot would not have even gotten out before I was on the phone.


kb said...

We are so ghetto too that when ever there's cops or an ambulance on the street the whole neighborhood piles to my front yard. We smoke cigarettes and shoot the shit while keeping an eagle eye on the action.

Anne said...

I used to hear gunshots at my first apartment..but I think it was just the rednecks going raccoon hunting in the woods. I do miss the hang out on the patio and watch Mrs. Trashy throwing Mr. Trashy's stuff off the balcony..those were good times!

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