Monday, April 24, 2006

The move is finally over

No internet all weekend. I feel like a new person.
Summary of weekend events.(like you care)

1) We moved! Its all done, I have even unpacked everything so I would not have that looming over head for the next few days. The move went well, all except for the big screen TV. That was interesting but if anyone plans on moving anyone anytime soon I would (as would the hubby and BIL) there are these straps you can get to move furniture they criss cross under the item and then you lift with your forearms. They were pretty cool, but because I was only a supervisor for the move (and I feel bad about it) the move was smooth.

2) The MIL and I had a yard sale with all the stuff I parted with. I was surprised actually that everything was sold. We only have a foot spa and a chair left. We even managed to sell the fridge to a really cool guy. He was buying it to give to someone else. Then he even bought the MIL car that has been sitting in the driveway for 2 years and that too he is giving to someone else.

It was a good weekend, even though I did not move anything (well not really) my body is beat! I have been up at 5 for the last 4 days in a row.

I am sunburned so bad on my face and neck (I was outside from 7 am till 1pm in the sun with no sunscreen I forgot it at home)

Oh and when I was taking down our yard sale signs I heard a dog barking, it was a weird bark so I looked and I could not see a dog, just some lady who had her bird sitting outside in a cage. No dog, so I turn around and I hear a cat in heat, I turn around still no cat. I checked under the car and everything.
When I stand there looking confused.
The bird starts to laugh at me.

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Battlerocker said...

I hate moving. I'm glad you made it through.

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