Thursday, April 20, 2006


The reasons I love my husband.

1. He smells good.

2. He sings to me when I call him crying at work.

3. He knows just when I need him.

4. His hands.

5. His smile.

6. His sex drive (tee hee)

7. The way he LOVES my cooking and eats it even if its bad (its only happened once but still he ate it all).

8. The way he makes me laugh.

9. His body (yummy 6'2)

10. When he makes cute faces with his upper lip that makes me crack up.

11. When he holds me.

12. The way he looks at me.

13. The way he loves me no matter what and no matter how stupid I sound.

1 comment:

astrocoz said...

I might steal your TT idea for a future TT!

That was great!

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