Friday, April 21, 2006

What do you do with no cable??

Its strange actually how involved we are with the television?
Our cable was turned off 2 days ago do to the move, it was a clean break with our billing cycle and we both figured a few days without TV would not be a big deal (the truth is we never thought they would turn it off THAT DAY, for instance in Canada if you cancel your cable it runs for a month before its turned off)
Anyways no cable.
It was really quite coming home. It felt a lot calmer and I actually had time for myself.
It was nice.
I know and understand why Oprah says not to have a TV in the bedroom (as If I listen to Oprah)
But even the hubby agreed it was kinda nice.

Ha ha, And what do you do when you have no TV to entertain you??



Battlerocker said...

You and the hubby alone in the you really need the suggestion? :)

alfredsmom said...

cook. Since we've been living sans cable ( about 2 months now), we get so much more done between 5pm and 8pm. Like real meals and some cleaning. I love all the extra time.

astrocoz said...

I know it sounds weird, but we have cable and have the TV on 24 hours, but the last time I actually watched it was Monday night. Its weird, the TV is always on, someone is always watching it, but I hardly partake in it.

Alexia said...

I just got TiVo when I moved into my new place and I think it would be impossible to live without it, let alone without cable. Granted, there would probably be more free time to get things done, but there is something about being able to escape from life for an hour after work.

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