Thursday, April 20, 2006

7 weird things about Random?

1. I used to be very athletic. I ran cross county in Elementary school and high school. I was actually really good at it. I once ran with a banana yellow full length gymnastics leotard on. I think my mom still has it.

2.We had an open bar at out wedding. A BUNCH of people got drunk and puked, this includes my baby sister who is 16 and Frank the guy who did all our hair (family friend) he got so drunk and was puking right out front as everyone left, yelling "THAT WAS THE BEST WEDDING EVER!!" I should post some video of that.

3. I want to get my thighs done. And not cause I am anal or anything I have inherited saddle bags and no amount of diet or exercise will get rid of them. My hubby keeps telling me he'll be angry if I do (actually he will not let me at all)

4. I wish I was a millionaire so I could open a "free" day care where everyone who worked there was paid really well and LOVED working there, and anyone who could not afford daycare would get it free if they were doing something to better there life's condition (ie single mom's going to school, single widow fathers ect)

5. Also if I had millions I would have 10 babies. I would give birth (because we would have great doctors) and I could stay at home also I would adopt a bunch of kids too. If I could afford to give them all a life they never dreamed of and send them all to whatever college they wanted.

6. I still have my baby blanket. Serious its almost 29 years old and I sleep with it every night, I even travel with it. The only time I did not take it with me was on our honeymoon. When I die I want everyone who loves me to have a piece.

7. If I could be a man for a day, I would have lots of sex and play with myself all day.

Ha ha This was a tag from Bethany so if your up to it "GETERDONE" then let me know so I can have a look.

I bet you did not think that last one would be in there? That's the way my mind thinks.


coffeygirlb said...

Hahhaha. I too have often wondered what it would be like to walk around ALL DAY with that thing hangin between my legs. Sounds like quite a bother to me. Any word yet on Anne? If so email me. I'll be home around 5:00 so I can't check it till then. I'm worried about her though.

Alexia said...

love the randomness of that post! I totally would too, if I was a man for a day.

astrocoz said...

If I was a man for a day, I'd spend a large majority of the day in front of a mirror, naked and jumping up and down.

KB said...

I always say that about number 7. For just one day!!!

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