Monday, April 10, 2006

I am a light weight!

If you ask anyone I know about drinking, everyone would say I can hold my own.
I used to be a BIG drinker. And not in the alcoholic sense of the words (well not really)
When I drink, I get drunk I have never mastered the "art" of casual drinking. But it was all in good fun! I used to work in a bar (Inferno and the Bulldog you sickos)lol
And the girls and I had some good times.
Well the other night I bought a bottle of Kaluha, I had 3 drinks and was drunk. I could feel the alcohol after the first one.
So tonight after dinner I am sitting here having a few more.
I like a good drink.
Casual sitting back.
AND OH MY I remember why I liked to drink. GEEZ its makes me CRAZY horny.
I am eyeing the husband like a piece of meat. A big old steak.

Gotta go I have some "business" to tend to
Tee hee


Anne said...

I hope your "business" was a blast! I know what you mean though..I used to be able to seriously drink..but now a glass of wine will have me flirting with strangers!

I cant wait for the UPS dude. :)

KB said...

LOL ~ Ah yes I miss the drinking!!!

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