Thursday, April 13, 2006

The little lizard that visits me everyday.

Ok one of my job duties is to take the mail out and pick it up when it comes. Since day one there has been this little brown lizard laying out in the sun.
I look forward to our daily interlude. Its strange how I look forward to seeing him (I assume him cause lets face it he's a critter).
The first time I saw him, I was a bit startled but then I came to expect that he (I have named him George) would be sunning him self on the step to the mail box. I noticed you are quite fat so I assume you get enough to eat. I have thought on a few occasions to maybe "drop" some food for you.
Yes its true.
Today I talked to you. (as if you understod me?)
I am a freak


Punk Rock Mom said...

Last spring there was a lizard that lived in our office. I use to take him back outside and he always found his way back in. I think he enjoyed the a/c. I named him Raymond.

Anne said...

Awh..I think thats sweet. So many people would have never stopped to talk to the lizard..probably made the little lizards day. Next time you should warn him about the dangers of sun-bathing though..

T-girl said...

I think that is really cute! Say hey to George for me tomorrow... at least you have sun for him! Nothing but rain in the godforsaken NW! LOL

Anonymous said...

um...did someone spike your water?

are you feverish?


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