Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Did it work??

So I got up early to avoid disaster to try the
NEW SPRAY ON HOSE.. For more reference on my PANTY HOSE HELL
please see this and this

So standing naked in the bathroom I shake the bottle hard and perch my leg on the sink and begin to spray.
My first thought
Serious it came out BRIGHT ORANGE worse than any fake tanning stuff I have ever seen.
So in stead of panic I started to rub it in (it says to apply and rub like a lotion)
So far so good. It’s a little tricky around the heels and toes.

So what do I think?

THIS SHIT IS FREAKY!!! Its so strange it really looks like you are wearing pantyhose. I only wore Capri's today because I need to "practice" my skills with the rubbing in like a lotion thing and work with the "feet" situation.

It looks like panty hose.
It feels like panty hose, so much so that I had put it all over my leg and wore pants and it feels like I have panty hose on underneath!! EXCEPT IT DOES NOT ITCH!!! Yes it does not itch!
You can drop water on it and it does not run?? This is weird ass shit!

I think I will try it again, I asked some of the women at work what they thought and they too agree its freaky!

I am going to try Appling lotion to my legs first before I spray because I noticed I have dry skin on one of my legs and if you put your face right up to it, it sort of looks funny.

Oh and I do not recommend wearing pants with it either. I will see the damage (is the stuff is all stuck on my pants) when I get home and take them off.


DCSportsChick said...

Interesting. I loathe wearing pantyhose but need an alternative, so maybe that is it. Where would we be without the magic of chemicals?

T-girl said...

bizzare! I loath wearing them too so normally I just blind people with my white legs! Maybe I will have to check this out!

Laura said...

I'm moving to the South in a few weeks and I've been told that once summer arrives no one wears pantyhose. Well, my legs do not tan and no wants to see that. I'm also allergic to nylon, but have always sucked it up because I had to. Maybe I'll try this stuff too.

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