Wednesday, April 12, 2006

6 out of 10

Would be the rating for the new Spray hose.
I was dying to have a shower as soon as I walked in the door.
It was a trip standing in the shower and the shit would not come off (its water proof) you need to use soap.
It took a few washes and scrubs and when I thought that I got all of it, it stained the towels. Well not stained really (won't know till they are washed)

But its a nice alternative. I need to play with it a little to "master" the stuff but its pretty cool!

Everyone I asked said they would have never known I was not wearing pantyhose if I had not asked so thats good I guess.

Or I could just quit being lazy and get a tan Ha ha. As if I found this picture and I have tried the "Spray tan" it did not look anything like this.


Anne said...

You are so funny..

Now I want to try it so bad..but I know I will muck it all up. Im not very good with self tanners or anything..this may be a project for me and AD this weekend

Yay for no panty hose!

Anonymous said... are some kind of crazy.

pantyhose....never touch the stuff. men invented them...I'm sure. I refuse to let the man bring me down.


Whinger said...

Hate, hate, hate the pantyhose, and am unclear why they still exist. At least there's an alternative, albeit a non-fantastic one.

I think the towel thing would freak me out some.

T-girl said...

I have NEVER heard of this... I need to get out more! So is it like a spray tan or nylons or what? I am so confused, not hard to do, now I am going to have to go find some and try it out... just to see, not like I have somewhere to go or anything! LOL

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