Monday, April 17, 2006

Things to Do

1. Finish packing. (I really do not want to but I have no choice! And I have the urge to leave it to last minute but that’s not fair to the guys who are moving this weekend and considering I can not do anything I better make sure everything is ready)

2. Make signs for the garage sale. (this Saturday because we have so much STUFF to get rid of)

3. Call about insurance about the computer. (I found out when changing our address that because our computer was "fried" in a lightning storm the house insurance will replace it)

4. Tell my husband I love him (you should have seen him leaving for work this morning in a suit for his new position at work! Yummy)

5. Plan how I am going to arrange my "new" closet. The hubby thinks its big enough to put all our totes in but with my calculations its not going to work. I NEED MORE ROOM!

6. Plan my diet and exercise program for the next 4 weeks. 10 Pounds in 4 weeks or I POST A PICTURE OF ALL MY LARDINESS!!.

7. Call the BIL and convince him to marry the "White Trash" he's dating. (just kidding I would NEVER do that, if he's happy I can fake it right?)

8. Get a hair cut!! Yes I still have not gone.

9. Return the 2 pairs of shoes I bought. I loved them in the store but when I went to wear a pair this morning, I no longer love them??? What?? I know. Shoes I do not like? They have to go back.

10. Call my mom.


Battlerocker said...

Outstanding blog. Great reading, though it will take me a while to catch up. Well done.

Anne said...

I concur..outstanding blog :)

You have to take back the shoes? That stinks..maybe you will find some that you like more when you go to return...

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