Friday, April 07, 2006

100th person to ask?

How many kids do you have??

Its like a disease. "Oh your married? How many kids do you have?"

Me "None"

"Oh" with the all knowing nod (like they know something I do not) and I can see in there eyes they want to know more. I have told a few select people so I am sure the lunch table will be a buzz one day about how I chose to get married and have no children.

Jackasses mind your own damn business.

I should just bark at the next person who asks "I CAN'T HAVE CHILDREN FUCKERS!"

I am sure that would go over well.
Tee hee

Ok I have to find something "work" related to do


T-girl said...

ROTFLMAO! Don't worry if you ever do then you will get... so when are you having the next (like one is not good enough)! I like to look at them and go, "oh no we have not decided if we will have more she is such a handful already it is like having three plus I almost died in labor so you know!" They automatically go, "OH! Well you can't just have one you know!" As if I did not say ANYTHING I just said. I swear I can see the look on thier faces, "so what if you die at least you will have two!" I want to introduce them to my husband then say, "do you really trust him to raise normal functioning people into adulthood by himself?" LOL In actualality we are contimplating trying agian it is just none of thier damn business... oh and the die thing is just to see what they say. In reality if it had been a hunred plus years ago yes I would have been a goner but with modern advancements was not even an issue, just pop that belly open and pulled her out! LOL

Anonymous said...

damn. that just sucks. I always get the, you can still have more children. why don't you?

I don't like children.

that always stops them in their tracks.

I'm sooo evil. I just love throwing people for a loop. fun x infinity.

Anne said...

Bastards every damn one of them..they should mind their own business...

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