Monday, April 17, 2006


I really have nothing to do but blog.
Tee hee. Imagine my surprise.

So something I found interesting as I was driving down the highway (I wish I had a camera to show you)
There was this HUGE billboard that said


Its made me laugh to see it. I find it funny how society views marriage and divorce now. Not that it’s a big surprise that as of last year 38% of marriages end in divorce. And if you x that by 2 (which they say you have to because in a divorce its 2 people getting divorced) it’s a staggering 74% of people that are married get a divorce each year. And believe it or not California (the divorce capital of the world) Colorado, Indiana and Louisiana are the only states that do not "track" divorce rates, but are some of the highest states to have divorces filed?

But the true number is 43% as reported by The National Center for Health Statistics. They also say that even though 43% is the accurate amount they "guess" its more 50% of marriages end in divorce.

Call me old fashion but what ever happened to "Death do us part?"
I know for me my vows were heart felt and honest and I think the only thing I would EVER divorce for would be infidelity. Only because that goes with trust and trust is one of my top things.
And I know marriages fail for a bunch of reasons and it takes 2 to work at something of spending a lifetime with each other. Its hard sometimes.
I can understand people fall out of love but I believe marriage takes work. I do not think its just the vows that hold the marriage together, you need to work everyday at it.
You need to always consider the other person, you need to work for the same goals and you need to always communicate.

But on the same note I understand why people need to get divorced. Things change, life changes, people change. It just baffles me that the number is SO high. Maybe its just me?

I feel blessed to have found the man in my life worth working for.
I thank god everyday, for every moment we get to spend together.
I love that man like I could never explain.

Ok I'm done.


Anne said...

Thats like those billboards advertising for quick and easy paternity tests. Just tacky tacky tacky.

coffeygirlb said...

It's not just you. I have very strong feelings on this subject. I do not buy that people change, so therefore have the right to just bail.. IF you change then you change together, you work it out. I beleive that marriage vows are sacred, and must not be broken except in the case of infidelity or abuse. Too many people marry the wrong person, leaving them unhappy but if both parties are prepared to view marriage as it was meant to be, then I beleive there is nothing that can't be resolved. I think that divorce because "Hey we just caren't the same people we used to be" is a cowardice coppout! And thats the problem in this country.

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