Monday, April 17, 2006

White Trash?

I should maybe not say this but I am going to anyways.
Can we say white trash?
I mean who goes to someone's house and says "I hate it here?"
The BIL "girlfriend" does. 30 seconds of us walking in the door my mother in law says "So how do you like the new place?"

She pisses me off. The husband seems to think its ok cause she's from a small town and is used to quite. Quite or not she's rude. I even told him if I had said that to anyone he would have freaked out!

The hubby says I do not like her because she's a lot like me. I puked. We are not alike at all! Other than we both have huge boobs and are women.


As if.

Anyways so I thought about it and I have come to the realization that I think this girl is not good enough for the BIL. I think thats why I do not like her. And I like everyone. She just rubs me the wrong way for some reason. UGG and I am usually a pretty good judge of character (more or less some crazies have slipped passed my radar)

I mean is it necessary to call someone 30 times a day when you know what they are doing or where they are? Is it different in there world? She's clingy in a bad way. Ok enough bad mouthing the maybe sister in law.
Ha ha. Even the BIL said that would not happen so I am not worried yet.
Hell I can see the wedding party now… Shit there's nothing wrong with a party at a bowling alley is there?


Anonymous said...

*tsk, tsk, tsk* sweetie.

The girl in question is not that bad..
she is just brutally honest. She is used to having a home away from traffic that is constant and noisy. Add that to the fact that all she has been doing is sitting around all day..she is probably burnt out.

You better learn to love her, she may be the SIL in mere months!

Love you,

Anne said...

That is so rude! And I am from a po-dunk little town and I would never say that. I would never say it even if I truly truly hated it.

I dont trust people who are true brutally honest..I believe in honesty..but not when there is no legitimate need for it and it could offend people.

I think your BIL should look for greener pastures.

Pastures are pretty green in Texas...

(yes..I know..Im a dork)

astrocoz said...

Your BIL "girlfriend" and my brother's girlfriend should get together, cause they are two of a kind.

We keep hoping she will be kicked to the curb, but its been 3 long years.

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