Friday, April 28, 2006

Date night! ; )

Ok I am in a better mood now.
Waiting for the hubby to call me back about our date tonight.
I am looking forward to having him all to myself.
Going to see Silent Hill FINALLY, I am really looking forward to seeing this movie.
There is nothing like having the crap scared out of you. I hope its good.


T-girl said...

God, your hubby all to yourself for a night??? I am not sure I even know what the man looks like let alone had alone time with him in about a year... our munchkin is exactly 1 year and 1 week today! LOL

Hope you have a great date, don't let him pick you up late and make him wait downstaires with your dad for a bit, and whatever you do, if he sits outside and honks the horn... ignore him! LOLOL I am seriously jealous, if munchkin was not sick I would find a babysitter and make the hubby take me out, maybe tomorrow night!

Anne said...

Ohh..Im so jealous..I want to see that movie real bad...

Maybe if JBP keeps his nose clean I will give him the privilige of taking me to see it.

Im a snot! Have fun!! :)

astrocoz said...


I have to go to Engagement Encounter lasts the whole weekend...I can't see a movie till Sunday night!

that girl said...

yikes! you're braver than me....I meant the movie...not the date night.


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