Monday, April 10, 2006

Open letters

To the guy who honked at me yesterday.

Look buddy it was OBVIOUS that I was handing money to the homeless guy with the sign. Where is your compassion? Serious did your mother teach you no manners? I hope your stupid Mercedes gets a flat!

To the idiot at Subway.

Look jackass I only get a 1/2 hour lunch and it takes me 10 minutes to get here, so if its all the same to you when you order 5 different subs don't be the jackass and pay for them separately! Its in considerate and rude to the other people in line.

To the idiot driving in the fast lane doing 50 miles an hour.

You are not "entitled" to drive as slow as you want just because you drive a fancy SUV and you this its your right to drive in the fast lane. Get over yourself and have a little respect. Its fine you want to do 50 miles an hour but do it in the slow lane jerk face your slowing down traffic!


astrocoz said...

OMG! What is it with those people that have to drive 50 in the fast lane! I hate that. I so feel your pain.

T-girl said...

OH! I am SO with you!!!! WTH is the issue with stupid people in the fast lane being passed by the slow... do they NOT realize that it is actually illigal to drive in the right lane unless you are passing someone????????? Drives me crazy, I usually whip around them, honking like a loony waving at them.... I am SUCH a canidate for roadrage, someday I am going to shoot someone I just KNOW it! LOLOLOL

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