Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Have you ever got that not so fresh feeling??

Just kidding.
Serious I said I was not going to blog about work but here it comes.

We are getting a new computer system and everyone is busy training and learning. See the funny thing is how this makes the playing field level.
At a meeting the other day (without any prior notice) it was announced that I would be moving within the company and they were getting rid of my position. (I knew this but only briefly had discussed it in my interview and never to be spoke of again)
It was also announced that we would all (there are 3 of us) be sharing the responsibilities of the "expired" position.
Thus ensued eye rolling of certain individuals. In particular the one who trained me and is too good now to even say good morning.
Oh well fuck them.

It also entertains me how now we are all "equals" so to speak and all share the same rolls.Oh and I get the biggest desk? Can you say fuel for the fire??
Can anyone else see the irony in all this?

I talked to my manager after the meeting and expressed my concerns, there were obviously peoples toes getting stepped on and I was really feeling the tension. With all the changes going on the place is crazy right now.
I was told to not to worry and I had management to back me up.

Look out bitches here I come.


Anne said...

Whoo-hoo Random with the big desk.. congrats on the new positions and the desk.. are you going to make them call you Mrs. Random when you are their boss?

MsPinkSlip said...

Even though it is stressful, you must admit there is a certain satisfaction in pissing off arrogant bitches. Enjoy!

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