Thursday, April 27, 2006

Feeling blue....

I have to be @ work @ 6am on a Saturday??
But its overtime so I really do not care. So not looking forward to getting out of bed that early but it’s a small price to pay for the amount per hour they are going to have to pay me. lol.
I have been really blue today and I am not sure why.
Maybe because its over cast outside and kind of cold.
Hum who knows. I thought it may be PMS cause I ate 2 donuts today actually 2 1/2 (ugg I know, nice way to lose weight) but for some reason I could not help myself. I needed sweets to bring up my mood. But I certainly was not thinking that when I crashed after the sugar high.

I miss home.
I think I need to plan a visit soon.

I had a talk with the hubby last night about feeling a little neglected with the whole "living with the brother in law thing"
Its weird, we have lived alone (together) for almost 3 years and its strange to have to share him.
He was really cool about it and we had a good "talk" tee hee

Is that strange to feel a little weirded out about sharing him?


coffeygirlb said...

Not at all. Maybe a little insecure but hey who's not insecure. I certainly am. It's totally normal it you ask me.

Anne said...

Its not at all! Adding a person to your home is always tough. It changes the dynamic and can leave you in limbo because the rules have changed. It will even out soon and you guys will find your rhythm..

But if you have to kick BIL out he can stay at my place ;)

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