Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I think not.
Ok so the BIL "girlfriend"/white trash girl is in town and has invited the hubby and me to dinner tonight. She's cooking enchiladas.
So at first my husband asked if I wanted to go I came up with the best 5th grade response I could think of
"I don’t like her so I am not going"

The husbands response

"That’s cool I'll just go then"

Ok so fine I have time to think about it and I tell the hubby that in fact I do want to get to know her better if the BIL likes her that much then there has got to be something to her right?

Funny thing is about a month ago BIL came over to OUR house and I was cooking, the "girlfriend" called about 10 times during the 2 hours he was there.

Guess what I had cooked for dinner?

Yep Enchiladas.

Ha ha. So funny. I think she's just jealous.

I am being too over protective of him. She's not good enough for him.
End of story.


Anne said... have to go..if you dont go then then you wont be able to entertain us with white trash stories!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that the fact that enchiladas are being served are any indication of the enchiladas that you served.

You're being too weird about this.


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