Friday, January 27, 2006

Nyquil and Pain meds...

I thought would be a great combination. I made careful consideration in telling the husband that if I have a heart attack or stroke he knew what I took and how much.
The combo did not or has not worked. It feels that I am kicking this cold because its not as bad today as it was yesturday but I still feel like shit.
I wish I could sleep.
Fun things to do at night?
Blog surfing, and catching up. I can not believe how many blogs are out there. Some just write about Random things (you like that?) I feel like a voyeur looking in and no one knows. Well not really. I am AMAZED at all the great writers there are out there.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kristalle, I checked out this one It's actually a blog, by a guy in Montreal who traded a paperclip for a pen, then traded the pen for something else, and now he has a cube truck! He's hoping to get a house eventually. His CNN interview is posted there too. It's pretty neat, check it out!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better.
I can't sleep either, but my issues aren't because I am sleep. Mine have more to do with me being cursed.

marrie said...

On New Years Eve I was sick, and I took some Nyquil, then my husband made me a drink, which I drank, then I started having a panic attack because I thought I was going to die from mixing the two. So, I didn't end up drinking champagne at midnight like I had planned. And, I couldn't sleep.
I hope you feel better!

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