Saturday, January 28, 2006

I have a big day tomorrow

Actually later today. I have to get up (if I ever get to sleep) and go to The American Red Cross for my CPR and First Aid training. I had it once before but because my hubby and I are active Volunteers with The Red Cross they offer a refresher for free so I am going to go. Hubby was supposed to go too but he has other things he needs to get done so I am on my own. They sent us emails the other day about being sent back out either to Mississippi or right into New Orleans to one of the shelters there so I am going to find out when.
When we went to Houston (the Astrodome, it's a long crazy story about 250,000.00 people and 18 hour days)we were only required to stay 10 days, we ended up there 12 but it seemed like a lot longer. I may go out again without hubby because he has no more vacation left but I will have to see what we get back in taxes. I may need to get a job this week.
Sniff sniff. 10 months of vacation is almost over.
I will have to post again about what a mess The Red Cross is. Now do not get me wrong they do really great things and I feel blessed to have been able to work with them because both hubby and I agree that being there and being part of the relief efforts for hurricane Katrina was life changing for us both. It was almost impossible not to be effected by the lives that were in your hands and the people that touched our hearts.
The Red Cross is the most unorganized, organization I have ever known. If requested I will post about my dealings with the Red Cross.
It still does not change that I will always be a volunteer with them, but they are so unorganized!!!!

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