Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Have you ever wondered about the Red Light Cameras?

You know as you pull up to the intersection there are big signs warning you about the cameras and they are not exactly small? Have you ever wondered if they are just trying to get people to slow down through the intersection?
Well they are real. We got this nice letter in the mail where the first page states
The following page is 4 pictures of the violation. Picture #1 is your car at the intersection with a red light. The #2 is you committing the violation (you in the intersection with the light that's red)with your speed and everything. The #3 is a picture of you in your car (I know crazy stuff) And the #4 is your license plate. Pretty cool stuff. Well not really if you get caught but its amazing to see what technology can do.
Damn red light cameras! It's funny this is not an actual picture of the hubbies violation but there is someone in the car with him so when I opened the letter at first my stomach dropped and I thought "WHO THE HELL WOULD BE IN THE CAR WITH HIM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY?" It turns out to be a co-worker but they blur out the face to make in impossible to see who it was.
LOl I can imagine how many husbands get burned with the mistress by the red light cameras or vice versa.

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