Sunday, February 12, 2006

You are all lucky I do not own a digital camera!

I know, I know yes its the year 2006 and I am probably the only one on the planet who does not own one. The Hubby has offered to purchase one but I keep telling him no. I have been tempted on 2 occasions last year I almost buckled and bought one (once before Hawaii and then again when we shipped out with the Red Cross) but for some reason I prefer the little Fuji quick snaps. Maybe its because I love to scrapbook and with a digital camera I would always be afraid of losing it. (sort of like the camera that was left on the plane after finishing the film on the way home from Hawaii)
When I am bored I amuse myself. If I has a digital camera you would all know probably too much about my life.
I would post pictures to amuse myself.
I may even go to the mall and snap a pic of a "cheesy" outfit or of a classy guy with a mullet. Who knows how far I would go.
I am snickering at the thoughts of me posting pictures of random strangers and making up of stories about how they are my friends.
To be honest I do not know anyone out here. All my friends are on the East coast.
I miss them.
Oh and I thought I would rub it in to all my friends that it was 76 degrees out today and I got to wear a tank top and capris.
I know you are jealous.
Oh and for your amusement I found this picture of me when I was blond which was about 7 years ago (I finally came to my senses).
I can not believe I am posting this. I think the picture is hilarious. I am really not that scary looking in person.
Or maybe I am and no one has told me to my face yet.

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