Tuesday, February 14, 2006

OK too funny not to post.

The hubby asked me not to but being how I found it hilarious and we laughed about it for about 1/2 an hour I need to post it.
He had school tonight and I went to bingo instead of staying home alone. We talked on the phone and concurred that we would exchange Valentines stuff later in the night when we were both together. When I got home there were pretty flowers and lots of chocolate waiting for me. My husband always has the nack of picking out the most beautiful cards. If you ask him he would deny it because he's a tough guy but I know better.
Anyways we open the cards together and I am stumped, I start to laugh my ass off and he looks at me and says "What?"
This was the card I received.

For those who are just tuning in.
We have no kids.

I started to tease him that this was proof that men really do not pay attention or even like Valentines day.
Of coarse there was an explanation and a beautiful letter inside but its still hilarious.

This is one Valentines day I will never forget. And I can tell the grandkids about for a good laugh.


Anne said...

That is hilarious! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog..Im glad that you did leave one so that now I can check out your blog! I really do appreciate your comment..

Thank you..

coffeygirlb said...

How funny. My family does that all the time. If they find a card that they like they'll just get it and change all the parts that don't fit. It's kindof a tradition. I've gotten many b-day cards from my parents that say "congradulations graduate".

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