Thursday, February 23, 2006

Friggin Hell!

Ok so I am an active Volunteer with The American Red Cross, and I had a meeting at the branch office tonight because my dumb ass agreed to do presentations for them at local schools.
When I agreed to do said presentations I did not really stop to think to much about it, I agreed and I had thought that 5 other people agreed but it was clear at the meeting that I will be the only one doing the presentations. Alone, in front of about 150 kids per presentation.
I am not worried about the presentation part, well because that's just me things like speaking in front of groups of people does not bother me but it's the commitment that I made. And seeing how I am the only one who showed up I feel bad about wanting to back out.
One day a week for 3 months. See I am looking at this in a selfish way because its a lot of my own time.
AH frig. I do love kids though so I guess it will be fun.....

Friggin hell who agreed to let me leave an impression on little kids.

1 comment:

Heather B said...

At least you aren't one of those people who call blood donors ... my friend gets called constantly.

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