Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Oh and for all you single ladies I found a great deal on Husbands at Target. So I was wondering who would like me to pick them up one? I know there are no targets in Canada so Sara, Lisa, Shan I am taking orders. I amuse myself sometimes. I am also thinking coming up with my own series of Valentines cards. The first one would read (for the men) Happy Valentines Day Then on the inside This better mean I am getting laid because I did remember to get you a card. I am thinking of other ones too. Valentines day is almost as bad as the day before Christmas at the stores, I wonder why we put so much emphasis on Valentines day. Weird. I just do not understand, maybe its cause I am spoiled and I have always had someone on Valentines day?

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