Saturday, February 11, 2006

My idea to make me millions

Ok serious.
I have a problem.
At first it was not a big problem.
Now its a big problem.
I am addicted to blog.
Serious. I have a problem sleeping (I always have) and now more than ever I find myself surfing blogs to kill the time from I'm not tired to I have read enough.
I am certain without a doubt that I am not the only one with this problem.

Yeah you know who you are (and laugh at just reading that)

You check your "favorites" feverishly through out the day to see the latest updates?
You need to comment because "They like to get comments and really care what you have to say"

YOU LOVE IT WHEN YOU GET COMMENTS, and you check a few times a day to see if anyone reads this shit and has something to say about your life.

And when they comment like a mouse scurrying for a piece of cheese you fly over to there blog to see what there life is like? (because it's got to be glamorous if they are reading your blog) you engross yourself and when you get there you add it too favorites to see if maybe you will come back?

And if its really FABULOUS you add them to links?

If you have ever "just been bored" and used the little button at the top NEXT BLOG, "just to see" who's updating?

If you have ever watched the sign in page to Blogger and caught someone updating and snuck a peak into there lives?

Ah yeah.

So I am in the process of writing the 12 steps to blog addiction (and why when I spell check BLOG is spelled incorrect and not in the directory?)

I will keep you all posted as to the progress of my book. Oh and you will all recieve a free copy (I KNOW WHO YOU ARE)


Shann said...

honey...i think you are loosing your mind.....

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Ok if I am losing my mind how did you comment 11 minutes after I posted this???
lol...serious issues

coffeygirlb said...

Ok, are you talking about me? Seriously cause that's sooo me!!

KNH said...'s 12:42 AM and I'm sleepless, looking @ random blogs for amusement. Get out of my head!! :)

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