Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I kidnapped a puppy

she's a mutt And she's so cute. At first I was only going over there to take her for a walk. But before I did I needed to take her to Pet Smart to get some supplies. She picked out her own collar. Its purple and no its not cause it was MY favorite color, serious I held up 4 different ones that I liked and she grabbed the purple one so that's the one I went with, and then of coarse the leash. I was surprised that she walked so well on a leash. As first she put up a fight and would not move and then she realized I was going to leave without her so she follows.
Yes I talk to her like she's human.
Her name is Brandy. (my favorite cats name but I had to give the cat back) She was already named that so we just kept it.
The poor thing has been in 4 different homes already and she's only 2 1/2 months old. The sad thing is that the first people who had her used to kick her and she's really been traumatized by that. Whenever you walk passed her or if a you walk up to her too fast she pees. Its her defense mechanisms sort to speak. So needless to say its been an interesting day. I picked her up at about noon and after we got supplies I took her for about a 2 hour walk. She was so good. She knows to sit when I say wait, if there is traffic (it scares her so she sits to watch) I tell her stop and she sits.
All she needs it love. My mother-in-law has had her about 2 weeks but there is never anyone home over there so the dog is left alone all the time and is still not potty trained.
I though the hubby would freak cause I have been asking for a dog FOREVER he promises that as soon as we sign papers for a house that we can go strait from there to buy me a puppy.
He likes her and she seems to listen to both of us already. We have to break her from a few habits because when she was at Nora's (mother-in-law) they gave her the rule of the house and she peed and pooped everywhere (no one to really train her) and they also let her in the beds and on the couch.
In one day we have the peeing down to a science as soon as she wakes up from a nap she needs to go (I learned this the first time she peed) and then we left the screen door open and she went out by herself after watching her it was obvious she would not pee so I took her downstairs (she's afraid of the stairs too) and as soon as she was on grass she peed.

This happened 3 times then she pooped in the bedroom.
Its a lot of work so we will see how it goes.
We talked tonight before bed about if we are going to keep her (I love her already)
but there are so many factors about not keeping her. She's a mix and the Vet at Pet Smart said she'll be about 30 pounds so she will be too big for our place (its only a one bedroom) its big enough right now but she's going to be a bigger dog. Also the hubby brought up the fact that I will be going back to work soon so she'll be alone all day, we also travel a lot.
When we got into bed she jumped in and pretended like she was there all along she's so friggin cute.
tomorrow I am going to get her pee pads to train her with.
If we don't though she's only at the mom's so I can visit and take her for walks.
she's a mix between a golden retriever and a Dachshund.

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Shann said...

that seems like a really different combination....get some pics...i need to see who you are adopting into the family now

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