Monday, February 13, 2006

Its never a good day when you wake up with diarrhea

Too much info I know but that's life.
I blame my husband, he's been sick with a cough for over a month now, I was sick for a bit but then I got over it. He's still hacking and wheezing, and now it seems I am getting sick again.
Anyways so the bowels are taking life out on me, which is so much fun when I had to go do an exam where you are not allowed to leave the room "in case" you cheat.
The exam was funny.
Some guy left because "If you do not let me use a calculator I am not going to bother finishing this exam"
The lady took his test ripped it in half and asked him to leave.
He must have gotten stumped on the question that said
"Park admission is $0.50 per person, you have 3 people including yourself and give the lady a $5 bill. How much change should you receive?"
I could see how that would complicate some people.
Oh and someone forgot to send me the memo that I was required to wear ripped jeans, flip flops and a dirty t-shirt to the exam.
I hate when that happens 30 people in the exam and me and one other guy are in suits everyone else looked as if they had receive a party invite to the beach or a frat party after the exam.
I am slowly learning how they do things out here.
I feel like I am going to puke and shit at the same time.
What fun.

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Shann said...

nothing like holding the bucket while you sit.....feel better babe

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