Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Isn't it funny?

How you check your bank balance hoping that somehow it has changed and there is more money than you thought?

(insert title before each sentence)

How no matter what time of day you go to Wal-Mart there will always be a screaming kid following you around?

The bread always falls peanut butter side down?

When you are in a hurry you ALWAYS end up behind "Miss Daisy"?

How when someone is a bad driver we drive by yelling at them as if they can hear us through all the windows?

And It makes you feel better?

When you drive by a car accident you pray under your breath that everyone is ok?

We will always decide to eat better ...Tomorrow?

That just when you need them the most, a random friend/family calls?

That its seems everyone else's lives are way more glamorous than your own?

That the simple things in life are what pleases you most?

That children can be so honest and say whatever comes to mind and ask a million questions?

That as adults for some reason we lose that due to our own insecurities of for fear of what people might think?

How as you age you sometimes think " If I knew then what I know now?"

That when you hear a young child laughing hysterically it will make you smile?

That no matter how much you eat at a dinner out you will always think about dessert?

That for some reason most women have some sort of insecurities about our bodies?

For no reason at all?

That when you find the one person you are supposed to be with in your life you hold on like hell and breath a sigh of relief that your soul in now complete?

That even thought someone says "Don't worry" it never eases the worry?

That when the shit really comes down your family and friends will come out of the woodwork?

That you wonder some times how a celebrity can be so stupid?

That you have planned a few times over what the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

Just thinking out loud....

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