Thursday, February 23, 2006

WEEhooo I should have a job soon!

I had an interview today that went REALLY well, I was not going to blog about it cause I did not want to get too excited however I am excited so here you go.
The interview was and hour and a half and they had me do 100 different test and other office stuff but I think it went well.
Now watch they hire someone else..
That would be my luck all excited and then not get the job. But it has yet to happen in my life time that I do not get the job after the interview (yes I am just that damm charming)
Here's hoping
Oh and the best part??
They offered me more money than I asked for.
And work would be 2.9 miles from home. How friggin cool is that??
When does that ever happen? You get more than you asked for and its a hop skip and a jump from home?
I will not know until Tuesday which just happens to be the day of another interview I have with the county.
So keep your fingers crossed for me ok?

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