Monday, February 06, 2006

Women can be evil

I just got off the phone with my brother. Poor thing. He's been dating this girl for 3 years. She just happens to be married. No it's not what you think, when they met she was legally separated from her husband for over 3 years when they met. Well my brother and her dated for 2 years moved in together and everything. Well a year ago the "ex" came back into the picture he wanted her back ect. So because she never finalized the divorce she went back to him...Well sort of. She still lived with my brother and told her "husband" that they broke up.
Well now its been a year of her telling my brother that she loves him and she's going to leave her husband (her husband makes lots of money and spoils her) and she still lives with my brother without her husband knowing??? I know messed up, anyways her husband just sent her to Cancun for 2 weeks with her girlfriends ( the husband paid for the trip for all the girls to go) and my brother is sitting back at home and has (hopefully) decided to move his shit out.
See he's so torn cause she's been playing him for over a year and because my brother does not make a lot of money (he's a firefighter) the husband has been paying all her bills which has left him feeling like less of a man.
I tried to talk sense into him, because any women that would do this and carry on for a year is evil. Anyways I talked as best as I could but you know how it goes with brother sister talks. I told him he needs to give her an ultimatum either she stays married or stays with my brother and files for divorce. I hope he heeds my advice.
I wish I had the cash and I would send him a ticket to come visit so when she gets home all his stuff is gone and he's out of the country.

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