Thursday, February 23, 2006

My American Idol

So excited for the show tonight. I missed the ladies on Tuesday but the men did well so it is going to be a great season!!
So of the men here are my top 5
Chris~Ok he's hot and has a great voice~
Sway~ He was the only one who did something completely different~
Taylor~ He is so likeable, and such a great spirit~
Ace~ Because America is going to find him hot and he sings good too~
Elliot~ He's not much to look at but the boy can sing~

Not naming names but some of the guys really blew it last night!
And whats with the cocky bastards always looking into the cameras?? I HATE THAT! Why did the change things from last year and tell them to do this??

Anyways just my thought!

Who's your top 5?


KB said...

I can't wait to see how the voting goes tonight. Damn that blonde kid that sang the Skynard song is fucking hot. Can I say fuck in here? I won't if you don't, I can be polite and crap when I try....

Shann said...

I don't watch the show sorry, I would rather have a tooth pulled.

coffeygirlb said...

Uck, I thought he was gross. But I liked the song. I like Chris alot better.

coffeygirlb said...

And I thought Ace had an OK voice at best!!

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