Friday, February 10, 2006

So I got this email

And you send it too everyone in your address book and ask for them to respond in ONE WORD what word they would use to describe you.

Here's the List




INSANE (in a good way of course)



These responses have not been altered in any way. So I learned some things about myself.

I only have 6 friends. Where in fact it was sent to about 30.

Everyone sort of thinks I am crazy. And for some reason I have no idea where they get this from? ** insert looking surprised and eyelash batting****

So for the readers who really do not know me I tried to find the best pictures that would really give you an idea of what I am like.

So I found these. Yes those are super heroes and I have no idea where this pictures was taken ( I am in the red)
Oh and the tiara? Yeah I do not know how this one got in there but yes I have a tiara and yes that is a wedding dress. Ha ha.. Now who went as far to alter this picture of me, a lady of distinction and class like me?? Double fisting on her wedding day?? Come on?


Shann said...

damn, can you tell that we're related....alcoholics....the whole lot of us....hahahaha

Random Musings Of My Life said...

hey you are the one standing just out of shot right next to me...

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