Friday, February 10, 2006

What a day

So I had an interview today at Adelphia in the call center.
I get there the girl gives me the one over (I was in a suit and she was 17)
Anyways we are walking down the hall to met the "others" that would be interviewing me and she starts
"Well the position pays $7 an hour....."
I cut her off
"Oh I'm sorry did you say $7?"
"Yeah the position is in one of our retail stores processing payments"
"Oh I thought this was for a call center position"
"No we are not hiring for our call centers right now"
THINKING IN MY HEAD WHAT THE FUCK ITS 8am IN THE FRIGGIN MORNING and you guys mess up and drag me out here...
I apologized for MY confusion (knowing damn well that I never applied for the wrong job) And I kindly decline wasting any more of there time.
Anyways needless to say I never finished the interview.
I was really angry actually about the whole situation then I come home and check the web site. Yup still says call center.

Sorry bad day.

Then I call the lawyer about my paycheck from workmans comp. It turns out the insurance has over paid me (they were supposed to go down to 1/4 of the payments on Dec 14th) I thought they would at least mail me something about the change but they have not and they go from the day that the final doctors report went out.
So that means by my calculations that they will not be sending me anything for the next 3 months.

SHIT...The next couple of months are going to be crap.
So that means I need to have a job secured by yesterday. So I went down the Appleone employment office, I had been there once before when I had just become legal in the states and it never really panned out for anything. But I thought what the hell I'll try again.
I was there for over 2 hours, they did a bunch of testing 2 interviews they even offered me a job with them working the front desk. Funny how things happen, 5 minutes after talking to me she told me I could have the position because she could tell I would fit well. After watching the receptionist for about an hour (while I was doing the testing) we talked about how well I would fit in. It was a lot of work and she rarely has time to sit.
Which for me poses a problem, I explained I would need to get something that I could at least be seated for most of the day as to not hurt my back any more than it is.
I told her about my accident and she was shocked. I of coarse made everything positive "Everything happens for a reason, blah, blah, I look as my glass half full because I could be worse off, blah, blah"

She told me she liked my attitude.
And guess what?
She leaves for vacation tomorrow. Yep just my luck.
She said she would make sure someone else was looking for a job for me while she was gone. So we will see how it goes.

Monday I start to pound the pavement and spend the day "networking" and applying everywhere I can.

What fun!

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Iwanski said...

Looking for work is tough. Without my wife, I would have lost my sanity.

Thank God I finally got a good job.

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