Thursday, February 09, 2006

So Sad but puppy has to go

She's so cute though.
I tried to put her leash on her this morning to take her home. She's knows and refused to let me get her.
1am dog jumps in bed.
2am dog jumps in bed
3:50 am dog jumps into be and hubby says "Just leave her alone she'll go away"
This ensues licking and kicking and she was soon banished to the living room again.
6:15 alarm goes off and she jumps into bed.
6:20 she runs outta room and pees on the couch.
I'm going to be sneaky and get pee pads and see if she uses them.
Actually I can not even do that though...
I am so sad, even if I did the pee pads she's starting to bark and we are not aloud to have animals so it would be a mess anyways. I'd get all attached and then I would cry giving her back.
And now she won't even let me walk her cause she knows I need to take her home and shes not having it.
Poor thing

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