Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Have I ever said "I Hate Doctors?"

Serious the doctor I am required to see is a dumb as we will call him Dr. Dumbass, so I go for a follow up today and he says
"So when do you want to do the surgery?"
"Yeah your only option now is surgery when will you be ready?"
"I think I will wait and think about it, get myself into tip top shape and then maybe we can talk surgery, this is what the "final" doctor said would work best, because is it not true even if I have the surgery it may not change things?
"Well that can be true but you will never know"

I HATE DOCTORS! One says one thing another says another.....

SO I declined the surgery for the time being and I will revisit the idea in about a year and see where I am at. For now I will deal with the Vicodin comas on my bad days and deal with the pain on the "better" days.

AAHHH good days

1 comment:

Anne said...

Im so sorry for your doctor troubles..I know how that is..Im very fortunate right now but some of the specialist I see are complete idiots. I will be thinking about you!

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