Sunday, February 12, 2006

A relaxing Sunday

Not much to report of the weekend. Being that I am broke and will be until I find a new job (hopefully soon) I stayed close to home. The hubby and I went to do groceries today which is always fun.
I like being an adult sometimes, you get to buy as much junk as you want and no one can yell at you for it.
He laughed at me when I grabbed a box of fruitloops. I like them even thought they have way to much fat and sugar in them, sometimes you have to eat bad to feel better.
So early tomorrow the job hunt starts. I have an exam to do at 11am with the court house. Nothing bad its for a job with the county but the give you an exam to make sure you can read, write and understand English. Last time I checked (ok yeah I usually use spell check but who doesn't)I think I should be ok.
As long as they do not test my French skills I should be good.

I am really looking forward to Grey's Anatomy tonight, they left you hanging last week and it was SUCH A GOOD ONE!

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Anonymous said...

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