Tuesday, February 21, 2006

No laughing at me for this!

Ok So I go to Bingo occasionally... In my Bingo adventures I have met this really cute couple and everytime I go I sit with them.
They are 80 years old, actually Lisa's birthday is today and she's 78.
So they made me promise I would be there tonight (they tell everyone at Bingo I am there daughter which is no way possible because they are Filipino but everyone goes with it and everyone knows me as there daughter)
Anyways so I baked her a cake. I know cheesy but she's an old lady and she loves sweets.
I also got her a little file folder thing for all her coupons because she's always losing things and I personalized it for her with her name and cute little flower stickers. Also cheesy I know but I hope she likes it.

I hope when I am 80 I will have the spirit that the two of them have, they are always joking around and hugging everyone. They are cute really.


KB said...

Ok no laughing that you love bingo! I love the slot machines. My mom is the bingo queen, she can watch something like 20 cards and still tell me when I'm getting ready to bingo.

Is that you in your bathing suit over there in your profile?

KB said...

Damn thing ate my comment. Here goes again...

I won't laugh at you for liking bingo. I go with my mom sometimes. She can watch somethink like 20 cards and still tell me when I'm close to a bingo.

Is that you in your swimsuit over there in your profile?

Heather B said...

that is the nicest thing I have ever read!

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