Sunday, February 05, 2006

Weird stuff

For some reason I have lost the last 3 posts. Has anyone else had this problem?
So Weird. They were there and now they are gone?

Anyways to sum up the ones that were lost.

I was in a funk. I am done with it now.

I watched this show on NBC about child predators. It was crazy and made me really angry!

Thats all I have to say about the 3 posts that were lost.



Shann said...

i noticed..i just though you had changed your mind and erased them...have you contacted them 'bloggods' to ask about the problem.....maybe that's why I couldn't respond either....

coffeygirlb said...

Blogger eats your posts. This has happened to me several times thats why I chose to hire Megan to do my site. I love it now. It really is worth it!! Glad you are feeling better!!

Sarah Jayne said...

Hey K,

No Blogger has been having some "issues" as of late - I've already heard similiar situations from a few people - which also includes posts and comments "disappearing" - add it to the crop circles mystery.

I don't back up my posts - but lately have been pondering if I should be. hmmm...

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